Convert paper to PDF

Convert paper to PDF

Turn your paper in to intelligent, text searchable PDF documents, making them instantly searchable, immediately accessible and infinitely more secure.

Document scanning and reprographic solutions

TidiServices is a UK company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, offering scanning and reprographic services to both the private and public sector. Its primary focus is on document scanning and document management solutions providing small business with affordable paper document scanning and digital document management. Originally set up to service the legal industry, TidiServices has expanded its offerings to the wider business community, and is committed to the idea that, regardless of size, all businesses deserve the same efficiencies in paper and file management long enjoyed by the industry leaders.

TidiServices converts paper and digital files into text-searchable documents. Its mail-in document scanning system lets you mail your documents safely to them. Its online document management system gives you a search engine for your documents, allowing you to search your paper and digital files for specific words and numbers.

Protect and get more from your papers

Search paper content and access them anywhere, anytime. TidiServices provides a search engine for your paper documents.

Protect your paper from fires and natural disasters by storing them in TidiServices' secure document management service.

Download your text searchable PDFs from TidiServices' secure server, or share them safely with colleagues and clients.

Cutting edge document scanning and records scanning services

Turn your paper into intelligent, text searchable PDF documents. TidiServices document scanning service accepts your documents, from wherever you are in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Our scanning bureau is able to accept documents of all shapes and sizes. The TidiServices scanning service includes state-of- art optical character recognition (“OCR”) software that turns your documents into text searchable files.

A better way to do records, document and evidence management

Store your paper documents online in TidiServices’ web-based document management service. With automatic full text indexing, document labelling and a great search feature the online storage service is a better way to store your documents.

Save time finding documents. Save space by eliminating the paper clutter in your office. Save money by getting your information faster and using the office more efficiently.